The Easiest Foundation Pieced Quilt Ever – No Pattern Required

Can you believe that this easy quilt is pieced together without a pattern? It’s perfect for beginner quilters, and is made up of simple squares and rectangles. So why not give it a try yourself? You might be surprised at how quickly and easily it comes together!

Introduction to the easy quilt

This quilt is perfect for beginner quilters- no experience necessary! This quilt is a quick and easy project- perfect for a busy day! This quilt is made up of simple squares and rectangles- making it a simple and easy quilt to piece together.

Even if you are a beginner quilter, you can still make this easy quilt. The steps are simple and the quilt is easy to follow. All you need is some fabric and a sewing machine.

To start, cut your fabrics into squares or rectangles that are the same size. You can use any type of fabric you like, as long as the sizes are consistent throughout the quilt. For example, you might want to use a light cotton fabric for the background, a heavier fabric for the middle section, and a cheerful print for the borders.

Next, sew your squares or rectangles together using a straight stitch or a seam allowance that is 1/4 inch (6 mm) wide. You can also use a piecing method called foundation piecing, which makes the quilt easier to pieced together.

Once you have finished sewing all of your squares or rectangles together, it is time to start piecing the quilt together. You can do this by using one of two methods: block piecing or patchwork piecing.

Block piecing is a method that uses templates to help you piece your quilt together quickly and easily. You can find templates online or at your local fabric store. Once you have downloaded a template, print it out and cut it out along the lines marked on the template.

Patchwork piecing is another popular method used to piece quilts. This technique involves cutting tiny squares or patches out of your main fabric pieces. Then, you will sew these squares or patches together until you have a full-sized piece of fabric.

whichever method you choose, be sure to follow the instructions carefully so that your quilt comes out looking perfect!

How to piece the quilt

To piece the quilt, you will need:

– Simple squares and rectangles of fabric

– Sewing tools, such as a sewing machine and thread

– Fabric glue

To begin, gather your fabric pieces and iron them if necessary. You will need at least 36 squares (6 for the top border, and 32 for the quilt body). Assemble the squares into 8×8 inch blocks using a sewing machine. Try to make your blocks as accurate in size as possible- you want them to match up when you sew them together. Once you have assembled your blocks, use fabric glue to firmly attach them together. Allow the glue to dry before proceeding.

Next, sew the blocks together along the long sides- making sure to leave a 1-inch seam allowance on all sides. You will now have a long rectangle. Turn it into a circle by folding one corner over so that the raw edge of the fabric matches up with the stitching on the other side. Pin it in place and sew it together. Do this to all four sides.

Now you will create the top border. Take the 8 largest blocks and cut them down to 6 squares each. These 6 squares will form the top border of your quilt. Sew them together along the long edge, making sure to leave a 1-inch seam allowance on all sides. Do not turn it into a circle- leave it as a rectangle.

The quilt is now finished! To finish it off, iron the quilt top and quilt batting, then hang it up to dry.

Tips for making the quilt

Make sure to follow the given instructions to create a perfect quilt every time. Watch the video below for tips on piecing the quilt together. Get creative with your quilt borders- try adding shapes or textures to them.

This quilt is perfect for beginner quilters- it is simple to pieces together, and is perfect for any room in the house.

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